Ales Bebler

Peace and Greece

Date: October 27, 1948
Source: Peace and Greece: Two Speeches of Dr. Ales Bebler 1
originally published by The Permanent Delegation of The Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia to the United Nations
Published: New York, 1949
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     The U. S. A. Takes Over from Great Britain
     The Almighty Grip of American Business
     Blessings of American Aid
     Where the Dollars Go — No Mystery
     What the Greek Press Says
     A Little Gentle Pressure
     Laws for Greece, Made in America
     Crumbs and Fetters
     The Greek Army on the United States Payroll
     Gen. Van Fleet: "Capture and Kill"
     No Mere Advisors
     The Why and Wherefore
     The U.S. Navy Comes Visiting
     A Little Reminder of the Atom Bomb
     Serious Questions
     Border Provocations
     And Provocations from High Places
     Goebbels Speaks in Greek
     Monarcho-Fascist Courage
     What of the Greek People?
     A Merry Christmas in Greece
     Government by Court Martial
     Shot for "Common Crimes"—i.e., Resisting the Nazi Occupation
     "Fighting Communism"
     Refugees in Their Own Country
     A Slaughter of the Innocents
     Terror Balked by Mercy
     The People Fight Back
     All Greece Rises
     Travel in The Peloponnesus
     The Secret of Partisan Success
     Material Might vs. Democratic Determination
     A Statesmanlike Proposal




1. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Acting Chief of the Delegation of the FPR of Yugoslavia to the Third Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations

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