Dr. Alex Bebler

Peace and Greece


Goebbels Speaks in Greek

The campaign of warmongering in Greece against the democratic countries not only resembles Fascist and Nazi propaganda, but has taken over textually Goebbels' slogan about the so-called Slav danger, which Hitler used to justify the occupation of Slav countries. These anti-Slav slogans are being systematically spread in Greece through the press, radio, schools, and statements by the most responsible persons.

The propaganda which is spread within the Greek Government army is best illustrated by statements of deserters from those forces, who are now in Yugo- slavia. We shall quote Lukas Galakanos, 506th Battallion, 21st Brigade, 2nd Division, and Peter Iskov, 3rd Labor Battalion, No. 903. Lukas Galakanos said: "They held systematic lectures against the U.S.S.R. and the Slavs. Konstantinos Azimakopulos...said that Greece could occupy Albania, Serbia and Bulgaria in a week's time, and that the Slav tribe is barbarian. We were forced to sing 'Sofia, Moscow, must be occupied!' " Peter Iskov said: "We were compelled to sing the song of Xitites, 'Sofia, Moscow, must be occupied.' Once General Papageorgyu came to us and delivered a speech against the Slays and our Northern neighbours, saying that we should change our ideas.' "

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