Dr. Alex Bebler

Peace and Greece


A Slaughter of the Innocents

"One hundred and twenty children of persecuted democratic citizens from Rumelia took shelter in the village of Stromni Gioni. When the 567th and 569th battalions of the monarcho-fascist 307th Brigade seized Stromni, the women and old men attempted to flee with the children to the heights of Gioni Mountain; but the troops furiously pursued them, and slaughtered every child that fell into their hands. Among the victims were four children of Captain of the Democratic army Micos Fenagaras, from Kirtaki in Ftiotide; three children of Captain Kostas, from Smokovo village; four children of the democratic citizen Skafidas, from Skafi in the region of Ipate; two children of Micos Floros from Aguri; and many others. The few children and old men who escaped death were found ten days later by scouts of the Democratic Army in the ditches of Gioni, where they had taken shelter, feeding on grass and roots."

It was because of such occurrences, Fellow Delegates, that the parents decided to take their children across the frontier into the neighbouring countries. They did it in order to save them from the monarcho-fascist hell. The Yugoslav Red Cross, moved by humanitarian compassion, acted promptly to provide shelter for these children. A large number were soon thereafter given shelter by the Red Crosses of other democratic countries.

The Athens Government which is guilty and responsible for the sufferings and miseries of Greek children did not shrink from trying to capitalize their bitter lot in its campaign against its democratic neighbors. Fearing the judgement of the world for its crimes, the victims of which included Greek children, the Athens Government started a campaign to mislead world public opinion by accusing Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and other democratic countries which sheltered these children from the horrors of war.

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