Dr. Alex Bebler

Peace and Greece


Where the Dollars Go — No Mystery

Where are all these dollars going? The answer is simple. The greater part of this money is used to cover military expenses, while Greek economy is being disorganized by the pressure of American capital.

And we are not the only ones to assert it. Speaking of the economic situation in Greece, even the official British observer with the special anti-Balkan Commission, Kenneth Spencer, felt compelled, in his article published by the New Statesman and Nation of August 5, 1948, to make the following admission: "The optimistic review of the economic situation made by Mr. Griswold, AMAG chief, in his radio address to the Greek people on June 21, appears far from being justified. The more accurate picture is, however, given by the 500 unemployed in Kavalla, the center of the tobacco industry; by the virtual standstill of the port of Salonika apart from American aid ships; by the widespread strikes which have been taking place in Athens against the high cost of living, and by the complete lack of security, with its attendant agricultural and economic disruption, which exists over the greater part of Government territory."

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