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Bela Kun

“Pacifism — that falsification of the honest will of the workers to peace, first omen of instinctive protest against imperialist war and of the awareness of a reactionary character in the clandestine preparations of imperialist war and military intervention against the Soviet Union is undergoing a profound crisis. The bourgeoise becomes less and less capable of concealing the fact that the cause of war lies in imperialist capitalism itself; that capitalism and war are inseperable.” Marxism Versus Social Democracy.








From Communist Review

Jan-Feb 1923: A Discipline and Centralised Leadership

From Pravda

April 26, 1918: A New Centre of Infection
April 28, 1918: The Moment at Penza
May 01, 1918: Two May Days
May 04, 1918: Marx and the Middle Classes
May 11, 1918: The Desocialisation of Minds
May 15, 1918: A School of Social Revolution
May 19, 1918: The Development of Revolutionary Forces in Austria
May 24, 1918: The Model Product of Imperialism
June 01, 1918: The Fruits of “Revolutionary” Chauvinism
June 08, 1918: The Revolutionary Tide in Austria
June 22, 1918: Social-Traitors, Unite!
June 27, 1918: The Birth-Pangs of the Revolution
July 04, 1918: The Revolution in Hungary
July 20, 1918: The Foster Child of Monarchy
July 24, 1918: Materials for the History of the Birth of the Hungarian Revolution


1932: Marxism Versus Social Democracy
1933: The Second International in Dissolution
1934: The Most Burning Question: Unity of Action


1920: Theses on Soviet Power in the East


1934: Preface to Fundamental Laws of the Chinese Soviet Republic
1935: The Enemies of the United Front in the Second International