Mar 28, 1920: A Moscow Factory, by P. Medvedeff
Jun 20, 1920: Poltava Villages, by Degtyareff
Oct 24, 1920: Bertrand Russell's Sentimental Journey, by Karl Radek

Feb 23, 1921: Our Rural Reporter, by P. Siropotinin
Apr 19, 1921: Open Voting, by L. Sosnovsky
Jul 17, 1921: Examining Communists, by L. Sosnovsky
Sep 03, 1921: Close to the Land - Sketches of Russian Villiage Life, by J. Okunev
Nov 25, 1921: The Rich Radical and The Reactionary Pauper, by S. Podyachev

Mar 03, 1924: Why Moscow Courts Regonition, by F. Rostein
Mar 09, 1924: A Bolshevist Index Expurgatorius, by Nadezhda Krupskaia

May 1925: How One Should Not Write the History of October, Unsigned