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Volume 1, May 1921, No. 1

Books and Pamphlets: Explaining the Communist Position

Review of the Month

The Heroic Sailors of the Russian Revolution, Larissa Reissner

Ireland and the Social Revolution, Fred Willis

What Are the Soviets? (Part I) W.E. Harding

The Class War in Germany, Charles Rappoport

Power or Persuasion?, Wm. Paul

The Practical Problems of World Revolution, F. Maharadze

How Lefebvre, Lepitet and Vergeat Were Drowned?, Frederick Strom

Kropotkin’s Last Letter

The Communist International (Report from the Executive Committee)

The Third Congress of the Communist International (Copy of the Agenda)

Reports and Manifestos from all over the World:

A Circular of the Russian Central Committee
A Decision the Executive of the Communist International
An Appeal of the Communist Party of Georgia
France: Propaganda By Word
Georgian Workers and the R.T.U.I.
Summary of the Resolution adopted by the United Communist Party of Germany
The United Communist Party of Germany and the Trade Unions



Volume 1, June 1921, No. 2

Review of the Month

Our Imperial Responsibilities, John Langland

Russian Biographies in Little

What Are the Soviets? (Part II) W.E. Harding

Art and the Worker, W. McLaine

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward, L. Petrovsky

Capitalist Mexico

Manifesto of the Communist International

The Crisis in the Communist Party of Germany

Book Reviews

The World through Communist Spectacles



Volume 1, July 1921, No. 3

Review of the Month

America and Europe, Louis C. Fraina

What Are the Soviets? (Concluding Article) W.E. Harding

Martial Music (Poem)

Communism in South Africa, David Ivon Jones

Book Reviews

A Communist History, Charles Roebuck

Gaol for a German Comrade

Towards the Socialist Republic

International Review



Volume 1, August 1921, No. 4

Review of the Month

Tactics of the Russian Communist Party, Lenin

The Irish Situation, Wm. Paul

W. Hewlett’s Last Speech

Revolutionary Tactics

The Communist International and the Organisation of Trade Unions, G. Zinoviev

Communism in South Africa

International Review

Some Leaders of the Communist International



Volume 1, September 1921, No. 4

Guns, Bombs and Benzine, Norman Matson

Origins of the 1914 War, Rene Marchard

Progress of the Revolutionary Movement in South Africa, David Ramsay

Revolutionary Socialism in Action

Allies Attempt to Crush Russia (translated from Pravda)

Initiative in the Class Struggle, Umberto Terraccini

International Capitalism and the Third International Congress, Professor Varga

Clara Zetkin’s Birthday

Book Reviews

International Review



Volume 1, October 1921, No. 5

Review of the Month

Rosa Luxemburg, Eden and Cedar Paul

Capitalism in the Near East, J. T. Walton Newbold

Report on the Communist Party of Great Britain, T. Bell

The Communist Party Conference at Jena, M. Philips Price

Lenin’s Letter to the Jena Congress

The Problem of Communist Organisation, G. Lukacs

Earth Bound, Lydia Shield

Vicious Pacifism

Clare Sheridan on Russia

Women’s Work in Germany, Bertha Braunthal

France and Germany, Paul Frolich

Trade in Soviet Russia, Prof. E. Varga

Report of Red Trade Unions Congress, J. T. Murphy

Aggressive Tactics, Bukharin

International Review



Volume 2, November 1921, No. 1

Review of the Month

The Realism of Revolt, R.M. Fox

The Soviet Republic in the Capitalist Encirclement, L. Kameneff

Women’s Movement in Soviet Russia, Ellen C. Wilkinson

The Solidarity of Anarchism and the Fight against the Left, D. Ivon Jones

The Young Proletarian Movement: Its Origins, Character and Aims, Alexandra Leontieff

Observation on Scientific Education and the Proletariat, B. Fogarasi

Statement of the Executive Committee of the Communist International on the Washington Conference

Communist Tactic, Victor Stern

The Rift in the Entente, J. T. Walton Newbold

Theses on Unemployment

International Review



Volume 2, December 1921, No. 2

A Personal Testimony

Radek’s Criticism of the Communist Party of Great Britain

The Intellectuals and the Russian Revolution, S.J. Rutgers

The Conquest of Mexico, Louis C. Fraina

Songs of the Revolution

Direct Action in Finance, C.H. Norman

The Struggle for Central Europe, Walter and Margery Newbold

International Review



Volume 2, January 1922, No. 3

One Year Old

White Guards in America: Truth About the American Legion — A Warning to Parlimentary Democrats, Arthur Warner

Women’s Review

Unemployment: The Responsibility of the Labour Party, Wm. Paul

The Present and Future Prospects of the South Wales Miners, John Thomas

Communism & Christianity, Mark Starr

Review of the World Situation, Karl Radek

Britain, Holland & Germany, J. T. Walton Newbold, M.P.

Poland: The Fight Against Communism, L. Georges



Volume 2, February 1922, No. 4

Review of the Month:
Legacies from the Past, Wm Paul

Communism and an International Language, Mark Starr

On Leading the Masses, J. T. Murphy

Communism or Reformism—Which? Maurice H. Dobb

Russian Women at Work, Henriette Roland Holst

The International of Money Bags, J. T. Walton Newbold

Book Reviews

International Review

The Monthly Calendar



Volume 2, March 1922, No. 5

Review of the Month

The Single Front, J. T. Murphy

The New Theses

Women and the Two November Revolutions, Clara Zetkin

Hidden Hands, C.H. Norman

The Moplah Rising, Abani Mukherji

Belgium—Lawn or Player? J. T. Walton Newbold

Book Reviews

International Review



Volume 2, April 1922, No. 6

Review of the Month

Dynamics of Social Change, R. M. Fox

The Struggle in Scottish Coalfields, A. Ritchie

Water, Water Everywhere, Wm. McLaine

Investigations of Famine Conditions in the Region of European Russia

Programme of the African Blood Brotherhood

The Engineerings Crisis and the United Front, J. T. Murhpy

Book Review: Property and Political Power

International Review

Russia, Moscow Conference

Red Calendar

Index to Volume 2




Volume 3, May 1922, No. 1

Wm. Paul, Editor

Review of the Month:
Our Birthday

May-Day is Labour Day, T. O. Wiginton

Revolt of the French Fleet in the Black Sea, Maurice Paz

The Industrial Heroes of “Don Bas”: What We Saw in the Ukraine, Ivon D. Jones

Does the World Need More Money?: A Reply to Major Douglas, Maurice H. Dobb

A “Red” Book to Be Read, H. Wynn Cuthbert

German Trade Unionism Since the War, J. Walcher

The Comintern: Resolutions on the United Front

The Red Calendar



Volume 3, June 1922, No. 2

Wm. Paul, Editor

Review of the Month:
Genoa, Wm. Paul

The Lesson of May Day, L. Trotsky

Politics in “The City”, J. T. Walton Newbold

We Have Paid Too Much: Regarding the Berlin Agreement, Lenin

The Fall of the Paris Commune, R. W. Postgate

Lenin’s Wife, Henrietta Roland Holst

Book Reviews
Review of “Left Wing Trade Unionism in France”, J. T. Murphy
“The A.B.C. of Communism”, William Paul
“The British Empire”
“In a Russian Village”
“The Restoration of Agriculture in the Famine Area of Russia”

The Fourth Anniversary of the Red Army in Moscow, E. Roy

A Discussion on the Douglas Proposals: A Reply to Dobb, Hilderic Cousens

The 11th Conference of the Russian Communist Party

The Red Calendar



Volume 3, July 1922, No. 3

Wm. Paul, Editor

Review of the Month:
The Real Conspiracy Against Labour, Wm. Paul

A Day in Moscow, A. Rosmer

The Struggle Against New Imperialistic Wars, Clara Zetkin

Current Phases of the Class Struggle in the United States, William D. Haywood

The Asiatic Revolutionary Movement & Imperialism, Kinsic Kim

Implications of the Transition Period, T. Bell

High Finance and Foreign Politics: Putting the Ottoman Empire into Pawn, J. T. Walton Newbold

Book Reviews:
Social Struggles in Antiquity, by M. Beer
Between Red and White, by L. Trotsky
More Production and More Poverty, by J. P. M. Millar
Communist Cartoons, by Espoir and others
Les Responsables de la Guerre, by Alfred Pevet and Un Livre Noir

International Review: Japan
To the Soldiers of the Japanese Army in Siberia, Sen Katayama

The Red Calendar



Volume 3, August 1922, No. 4

Wm. Paul, Editor

The Rising Tide of Revolution, A. John

The Famine in Russia: How the Capitalist States Helped, E. Roy

Pacifism or Class War, E. Varga

The Crisis in Germany: Responsibility of 2nd International, Wm. Paul

Bolshevism & Church Property, D. Ivon Jones

An Anarchist on Russia: A Reply to Emma Goldman, William D. Haywood

Egypt & the Entente, J. T. Walton Newbold

Book Reviews

International Review

The Red Calendar



Volume 3, September 1922, No. 5

Wm. Paul, Editor

Review of the Month:
Freedom and Justice, Wm. Paul

American Imperialism and the Negro, D. Ivon Jones

On the Role of Criticism During the Revolution, Karl Kreibich

Questions to Vandervelde & the Second International, P. Stuchka, President of the Latvian Communist Party

Indian Labour Movement: A Review of the Situation, Abani Mukherji

The Cauldron of the East:

I. The Greek Grain Kings, J. T. Walton Newbold

II. The Fight in Constantinople, A. Rosenberg

American Coal Strike: Peace Reigns at Herrin, K. Haessler

Soviet Russia at the Hague: Report of Russian Delegation to its Government

International Review

The Red Calendar


Volume 3, October 1922, No. 6


Volume 3, November 1922, No. 7

Wm. Paul, Editor

The Fifth Year

The End of the Romanovs

The Spoiling of Turkey, J. T. Walton Newbold

The Debacle of Gandhism, E. Roy

The Forum:
On the Theory of the Social Revolution: Reconsideration of a Marxian Prediction, David S. Reiss

Re-birth of the French C.P., E. Verney

Why Lloyd George Fell, R. W. Postgate

International Review:

I. The Split in Italian Socialist Party, G. Zinoviev

II. The Significant of the Split, A. Bordiga

Book Reviews



Volume 3, December 1922, No. 8

Wm. Paul, Editor

The Election and After

What Will Happen in Europe, E. T. Whitehead

The Negro Problem in America

A Cold Inferno, O. W. Kuusinen

The Revolutionary Nationalist Movement in S. China, H. Maring

The Contradictions of the Soviet Policy, L. Trotsky

The Class War in Japan, G. Voytinsky



Volume 3, January-February 1923, No. 9 & 10

Wm. Paul, Editor

The Old Year and the New, Wm. Paul

British Capitalism in 1922, M. H. Dobb

Red Petrograd, Charles Ashleigh

The Heritage of the Bolsheviks, G. Allen Hutt

Five Years of Revolution in Russia, Clara Zetkin

Franz Mehring, J. B. Askew

Discipline and Centralised Leadership, Bela Kun

Survey of the Class War, G. Zinoviev



Volume 3, March 1923, No. 11

Wm. Paul, Editor

The Old Revolutionist & the New, Wm. Paul

London Residences of Karl Marx, John T. Winter

How to Help Russia, E. T. Whitehead

The Crucible of Revolution, Karl Radek

The Re-birth of the French Communist Party, E. Verney

The 4th Congress: A Special Report on the Recent World Congress of the Comintern, J. T. Murphy

The Forum:
A Reply to David S. Reiss, B. Tamarkin

Book Reviews:
Among the Books



Volume 3, April 1923, No. 12

Wm. Paul, Editor

Review of the Month:
The Betrayal, Wm. Paul

The Party Organ: What it Can Do for the Movement, C. M. Roebuck

Communism and the Co-operative Societies, Karl Bittel

Henry Ford’s Methods, John T. Winter

A Workers’ Government: The Need for a Programme, W. E. Harding

Georgia: A “Free” and Social-Democratic Republic, G. Allen Hutt

Book Reviews



Volume 4, May 1923, No. 1

Wm. Paul, Editor

A Chance for May Day, Wm. Paul

Erratum, John T. Winter

A Great Marxian Party, N. Bukharin

Lenin, Karl Radek

The Sverdlov University: The Russian Communist Party & Working-Class Education, Wm. Joss

The Political Situation in Great Britain, J. T. Walton Newbold, M.P.

From Kraal to Goldmine, L. A. Motler

The Reaction in Bulgaria, Ch. (Khristo) Kabakchiev

International Review: Against Fascism

Communism & the Labour Party, J. T. Walton Newbold, M.P.

The Red Calendar



Volume 4, June 1923, No. 2

Wm. Paul, Editor

Curzon’s Chance, Wm. Paul

The Work of the Health Authorities in Soviet Russia, N. A. Semashko

The Indian National Congress, M. N. Roy

The New Economic Policy, D. Ivon Jones

Canterbury Cant, Wm. Paul

Russia’s Reconstruction, G. H. Allen

Strategy and Tactics of the Russian Communists, I. Stalin



Volume 4, July 1923, No. 3

Wm. Paul, Editor

Russia Pays for Our Cowardice, Wm. Paul

The Baldwin Ministry, J. T. Walton Newbold, M.P.

The Anti-Communist International, R. Page Arnot

Trotsky, Karl Radek

The Crisis of the French Communist Party, P. Vaillant-Courturier

Russia in 1905, G. H. Allen

Where Labour Rules, J. Fineberg

The Soviet and the Peasant, D. Ivon Jones

Sverdlov University and its Lessons, Winifred Horrabin, Hon. Sec., Plebs League

Industrial Co-Orgination and the New Organisation, S. Francis

The National Union of Journalists, John S. Winter

Struggle of the French C.P. Against Poincare



Volume 4, August 1923, No. 4

Wm. Paul, Editor

The Labour Party Conference, Wm. Paul

Five Years’ Struggle, Victor Serge

Under Kemalist Rule, Eric Verney

The English Parliment: Its Origin, Growth and Functions, J. T. Walton Newbold, M.P.

The Labour Party Conference, J. T. Murphy

The Norwegian Labour Party

The “Workers’ Life Page”, D. Ivon Jones

Book Review, G. A. H.



Volume 4, September 1923, No. 5

Wm. Paul, Editor

Special Number
A Workers’ Government and Food Supplies

The Dockers’ Strike, Wm. Paul

Democracy and the Second International, C. Rappoport

Tasks of a Workers’ Government: Two Contributions

I. Agriculture & Food Supplies, Wm. Joss.

II. Fishing Industry & Food Supply, James Johnstone

A Polish Prison, Thomas Dombal

The International Red Aid, W. Budich

An Impression of the New South Wales Annual Labour Conference, Annonymous

Book Review



Volume 4, October 1923, No. 6

Thomas Bell, Editor

The Editorial View

The United States of Europe, Leon Trotsky

Ourselves and the Labour Party, Thomas Bell

Lessons of Plymouth: Its Challenge to our Party, Harry Pollitt

The Gang Behind the Steel Trust, J. T. Walton Newbold, M.P.

The European Crisis and British Labour, J. T. Murphy

A Mass Party in America, O. Carlson

Co-operatives & Trade Unions

Victims of the Class War, By the Information Bureau of the C.I.

The Forum, A. D. Vertise



Volume 4, November 1923, No. 7

Thomas Bell, Editor

The Editorial View, Thomas Bell

The Empire Conference and the Workers, J. T. Murphy

Nikolai Lenin: A Brief Biographical Sketch of a Great Leader, Thomas Bell

Unemployment and the Coming Winter, M. H. D.

Soviet Russia and the World Crisis, Wm. Paul

The Crisis in Agriculture, William Joss.

The Tasks of Communist Education, L. Trotsky

The Case for the Y.C.L., J. J.

Pacifism and Communism, J. Epstein

The Forum:
Thoughts on Trotsky’s “The United States of Europe”, S. Muscovitch, Y.C.L.—Stepney Branch

Book Review

International Review



Volume 4, December 1923, No. 8

Thomas Bell, Editor

The Editorial View, Thomas Bell

The General Election, J. T. Murphy

Agriculture: A Sweated Industry, E. Batten

Inflation & Deflation: An Analysis and Criticism, H. D. Dickinson

Hands Off Workers’ Germany!, Part I, J. V. L.

Russian Peasants’ Assistance to the German Proletariat, E. Wagner

The Forum: The Literature of our Movement, T. Q.

Book Review



Volume 4, January 1924, No. 9

Thomas Bell, Editor

The Editorial View, Thomas Bell

The Second Wave of International Revolution, G. Zinoviev

The Nationalist-Labour Pact in South Africa, V. Danchin

Karl Liebnecht and Rosa Luxemburg: Last Hours

Hands Off Workers’ Germany!, Part II, J. V. L.

The Party Conference, J. T. Murphy

Real “Economic Science”, R. Page Arnot

International Review

The Forum:
Response to Trotsky on Darwin, W. E. Lyte

Book Review


Volume 4, February 1924, No. 10

Thomas Bell, Editor

The Editorial View, Thomas Bell

Death of Comrade Lenin

The Coming Dock Strike, G. Hardy

The ”Crisis” in the Russian CP, Thomas Bell

Jute Industries, Ltd, D. J. P.

Agriculture: The Subsidy Proposals, E. Batten

The Party Conference, Harry Pollitt

A Textbook of Revolution, R. P. A.

International Review

Book Review:
The Posthumous Writings of Marx and Engels, by D. B. Ryadanov
“January Fifteenth” [YCL memorial booklet for Liebknecht and Luxemburg]



Volume 4, March 1924, No. 11

Thomas Bell, Editor

The Editorial View, Thomas Bell

The Message of March: The Commune—And After, T. A. Jackson

The Political Mind of Ramsay MacDonald, J. T. Murphy

Lenin’s First Book, D. Ivon Jones

Programme of International Land and Forest Workers

Jute Industries, Ltd., D. J. P.

International Review

The Forum


Volume 4, April 1924, No. 12

Thomas Bell, Editor

The Editorial View, Thomas Bell

The Labour Government or the Class Struggle, C. M. Roebuck and R. Palme Dutt

The Unemployed Worker’s Charter: An Examination, E. Stanley

The ”New Trend” of the Bolshevik Party

Mayakovsky, Poet of the Russian Revolution, Henri Guilbeaux

The Party Conference, T. A. Jackson

International Review

Book Review:
Bloody American Capitalism: Its Murder by Labour, by Joe Walker, W. T. C.



Volume 5, May 1924, No. 1

Thomas Bell, Editor       A. H. Hawkins, Business Manager

The Editorial View, Thomas Bell

The First of May, T. A. Jackson

Trade Unions and the Workers’ Struggle, J. R. Campbell

The Unemployed Workers’ Charter, Wal Hannington

Scottish Trade Unions in Congress, Thos. Bell

Lenin the Happy, Mary Talland

James Connolly, A. McManus

International Review



Volume 5, June 1924, No. 2

Thomas Bell, Editor       A. H. Hawkins, Business Manager

The Editorial View, Thomas Bell

Comintern’s Message to C.P.G.B.

The End—or the Beginning, T. A. Jackson

Lenin’s First Newspaper, D. Ivon Jones

Factory Groups, C. M. Roebuck

Draft Programme of C.P.G.B. to the Comintern

International Review

The Forum:
Shall We Combat Religion?: A Reply to Balwin, H. W. Davey
Shall We Combat Religion?: A Reply to Balwin, D. C. Corrie
The Conflict Between Communism and Religion, Leslie Mason, Barrow Branch

Review of Books