MIA: Subjects: Jews:

Jews, Marxism and the Worker’s Movement

The Jewish Bund at the Warsaw Ghetto, and the Jewish Socialist Defence Guard, Odessa

A subject index of texts from Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Leon and Luxemburg; texts from the Jewish Socialist and Labor Movement and the effect on the Jewish working class of the Russian Revolution

On the Jewish Question, Marx 1844

Jews, Boers and Patriots, II, Belfort Bax 1899

B.S.P. In East London, Fineberg 1913

The Dreyfus Affair.
The Pierre Goldman Affair.

Report of the Siberian delegation, Trotsky 1903

By Bernard Lazare:

Jewish Solidarity, 1890.
Jews and Israelites, 1890.
Antisemitism: Its History and Causes, 1894.
Jewish Nationalism, 1898.
Anti-Semitism and Revolution, 1899.

By Karl Kautsky:

On the Problems of the Jewish Proletariat in England, Kautsky 1904
Are the Jews a Race?, 1914

By Lenin:

How the Spark was nearly Extinguished, 1900.
The Position of the Bund in the Party, 1903
The Nationalisation of Jewish Schools, 1913.
Anti-Jewish Pogroms, 1919.

The Russian Revolution and the Comintern

On the Jewish Question, Frumkina at the Second Congress of the Communist International, 1920
The Problem of Nationalities, from Trotsky’s “History of the Russian Revolution.”
The White Guards, Trotsky 1919 (concerns anti-semitism of the White Army)
Poltava, Kiev and Odessa, from “My Disillusionment in Russia” by Emma Goldman (Concerns fate of Jews in the Ukraine during the Civil War).
Karl Marx and Frederick Engels An Introduction to Their Lives and Work, Chapter 2, by David Riazanov 1927 (Discusses contribution of Jews to the formation of Communism).

By Ber Borochov:

The National Question and the Class Struggle, 1905.

By K. Boris:

The Jewish Proletariat in Russia – Ten Years of the Bund, October 1907
The Electoral Manifesto of the Jewish “Bund” , October 1907
4,000 Stocking Workers in Wilno and Witebsk (Russia) on Strike, May 1908
May Day in Russia. Manifesto of the “Bund.”, May 1908

On the Jewish Problem, Trotsky 1934.

Thermidor and Anti-Semitism, Trotsky 1938.

The Naftali Botwin Company, Spain 1938

The Jewish Question, A Marxist Interpretation, Abram Leon. 1946

The Jews in Algeria:

Decree declaring the Jews natives to Algeria to be French citizens, 1870;
To the Israelites of Algeria, FLN-ALN General Staff 1962;

By Tony Cliff:

British Policy in Palestine, October 1938;
The Jewish-Arab Conflict, November 1938;
Class Politics in Palestine, June 1939;
Roots of Israel's violence, 1982.
The Jews, Israel and the Holocaust, 1998.

The Roots of Antisemitism, Raya Dunayevskaya 1960;

Marx and the Economic-Jew Stereotype, Hal Draper, 1977

Anti-Semitism & the Beirut Pogrom, Fredy Perlman 1983

The Birth of Israel, Jean-Paul Sartre 1949

Bordiga’s “Auschwitz, or the Great Alibi”, with Commentary by Mitchell Abidor

Survivors, on the question of participation of Jews in May 1968 events in France