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Wang Ming (王明; May 23, 1904 - March 27, 1974) was a senior leader of the early Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and a major political rival of Mao Zedong during the 1930s, opposing what he saw as Mao's nationalist deviation from the Comintern and orthodox Marxism and Leninism lines.  He was elected as Director of the Central Legal Committee of the CCP and the Central People's Government in 1949 and as Commissioner of party's Central Committee at the 8th National Congress of CCP in 1956. However, before his election to the latter post, Wang left for Moscow for medical treatment and would never return to China. 



1936: Fifteen Years of Struggle for the Independence and Freedom of the Chinese People

1937: China Can Win! The New Stage in the Aggression of Japanese Imperialism and the New Period in the Struggle of the Chinese People

1971: Fifty Years of the Communist Party of China

1971: The "Cultural Revolution" and the Maoist Bid for Cooperation with Imperialism