Alexander Spirkin

Dialectical Materialism

First Published: © 1983 by Progress Publishers;
Transcribed: byRobert Cymbala.

Table of Contents


1. Philosophy As A World-View And A Methodology

What Is Philosophy?
Philosophy as a World-View
Philosophy as Methodology
Philosophy and Science
Philosophy and Art

2. The System of Categories in Philosophical Thought

The Categories of Dialectics
Matter as the Substance of Everything That Exists
The Motion of Matter
Space and Time
The Principle of Universal Connection and Development
The Principle of Causality
System and Structure
Essence and Phenomenon
Quality and Quantity
Negation and Continuity
Contradiction and Harmony

3. Consciousness of the World and the World of Consciousness

The General Concept of Consciousness and Mental Activity
The Material and the Spiritual
Consciousness and Language

4. The Theory of Knowledge and Creativity

General Concept of Cognition
Cognition and Practice
What Is Truth?
The Sensuous Image of the World

5. On the Human Being and Being Human

What Is a Human Being?
The Human as the Biosocial
Man in the Realm of Nature
Man and Society
Man as a Personality
Man the Doer
Destiny, Freedom and Responsibility
Man and culture

A. Request to Readers
B. Front Matter