Dialectical Materialism (A. Spirkin)


First on-line edition: August 21, 2002.

Email corrections to: cymbala@lafn.org

This edition created by Robert J. Cymbala from a DocBook source document using the following command (PC with operating system Debian GNU/Linux):

cd ~/www.marxists.org/en/archive/spirkin/works/1983/dm/
jade -t sgml
-V %use-id-as-filename%
-d /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheet/dsssl/docbook/nwalsh/html/docbook.dsl

All paragraphs have been transcribed from the original 1983 book. The first line of each paragraph has been checked using this script: lia_1st_.py.

This on-line version is meant to be an exact copy of the book published by Progress Publishers. Typos are retained, for example, on page 67: "Fichte, for example, insisted that one of the two must be got rid off: [sic] spirit or nature." The DocBook document has original page numbers as comments; I'm looking for a way to incorporate those into the HTML output by jade in order to assist writers who need to provide page numbers in citations.

hypens: DONE: 2002.08.11
spelling: DONE: 2002.08.21
split words: DONE: 2002.08.21
tilde: DONE: 2002.08.25
left single quotes: DONE:
right single quotes: DONE:
left double quotes: DONE:
right double quotes: DONE:
mdash: DONE:
emphasized trailing spaces: DONE:
page numbering: DONE: 2002.08.25
GENDER CONVERSION: This book's gender has been changed from male to female. For example, "he" has been changed to "&he;" in DocBook wherever "he" is not required by context; then, the DocBook document's prolog defines these entities: <!ENTITY he "she"> <!ENTITY He "She">
NOTE: Don't forget to include optional punctuation: [,!":&]*him[,!":&]*
RULE: To convert a word used in generic context: surround with &
PROBLEM: How to indicate gendered words that should not be entities?
Docbook: p to para: DONE: 2002.08.21
Docbook: em to emphasis: DONE: 2002.08.21
Docbook: sup to superscript: DONE: 2002.08.21
Docbook: sub to subscript: DONE: 2002.08.21

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