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International Worker's Organisations (1847-)
Since capitalism arose in the world, workers have been banding together; at first locally in small groups, but increasingly workers realized that the greater the strength of workers’ organisation, the better able workers are to challenge capitalism. This section provides in-depth history of these efforts of organising workers regardless of race, ethnicity, gender – or border, the effort to organise and create collaboration and co-operation between workers the world over in order to win the world for those who make it run.
First 1864- Second 1880- Third 1918- Fourth 1938-
France (1789-1973)
Includes the “Conspiracy of Equals” of Babeuf during the French Revolution, the Paris Commune, the first workers government ever (including primary documents and a photo gallery), The Resistance (1940-45) with letters from the Manouchian group of foreign communists killed by the Nazis and The Algerian Independence War (1954-60) including the reaction of the French Left.
The Soviet Union (1917-91)
Contains resources on the revolution, provides several books journalists/participants who describe events as they saw them unfold, documents written by members of the Soviet state and by representatives of foreign governments, a music archive with several Soviet worker's songs and anthems, an extensive image gallery featuring every day Soviet life, and more.
The Cuban Republic (1959-)
This archive focuses on the first five years of the Cuban revolutionary government, specifically on the Cuban Missile Crisis, through a time line of events and primary source documents by Fidel Castro, Nikita Khrushchev, and recently declassified U.S. government documents.
U.S.A (1864-)
The U.S. archive contains information on the Black Panther Party and their revolutionary struggle to overturn the U.S. system of racial and working class oppression, and the Civil Rights Movement; documents of early Marxist parties and labor history. Further, this archive contains a time line of U.S. Military History since World War II, relations with the USSR, presidential elections and links to our Malcolm X & John F. Kennedy archives.
Afghanistan (1851-89)
This archive contains resources on U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan, the CIA's successful overthrow of the Afghani government, and the Soviet response.
Algeria (1945-)
In 1962 Algeria became independent from foreign rule for the first time in over a millennium. At the outset of the revolution, a course towards worker’s emancipation was proclaimed. Just three years later however, the military overthrew the elected government of Ben Bella and assumed supreme control over governmental affairs.
Argentina (1970-1973)
Documents of the Left Peronist groups.
Australia (1888-)
Marxism and radicalism generally in Australia, from the 1880s to recent times.
Britain (1216-)
The Magna Carta, the English Revolution, the Chartists, Social Democracy and the British Communist Party.
Canada (1837-)
Includes the mirror of the Canadian Socialist History Project, with documents from the history of the Canadian workers and Socialist movement and the Quebec independence struggle.
Dominican Republic (1965)
Documents of the People's Revolt of 1965.
Haiti (1791-1804)
Documents of the first independent Black Republic.
Indonesia (1920-1965)
Documents from the Communist Party of Indonesia and other communist/socialist parties in Indonesia
Iraq (1968-1973)
Documents of the Ba'ath Socialist Party.
Spain (1934-1939)
Documents, art and writers of the Spanish Revolution.
Turkey (1922-)
Kemal Ataturk and his following.
Capitalism (1776-)
Contains the The White Book of Capitalism & Democracy: A history of the crimes committed by “democratic” nations. This archive also includes information about GATT, the precursor to the WTO.
“Anti-Revisionism” (1940-1983)
The Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL), documents the history and ideas of the “Marxist-Leninist” and “Maoist” groups and parties which, beginning after World War II and gaining prominence in the 1960's and '70’s, critiqued official Communism from the left for abandoning Marxism-Leninism (becoming “revisionist”), and for being insufficiently revolutionary. EROL provides background materials, original documents, memoirs, etc. from dozens of these organizations and their publications.
Trotskyism (1928-1985)
The Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL) douements the history and ideas of the International Left Opposition and parties and groups that adhered to the ideas of Bolshevik leader Leon Trotsky in his fight against Stalinism. The ETOL provides background materials, original documents, memoirs, etc. from dozens of these organizations and their publications.

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