Paris Commune: Image Gallery

Political Caricatures

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The Last Stage.
Commune: May I come in?
France: Just a moment, I want to finish with this gentleman.
People's Justice.
The Commune.
Symbol of the Commune swatting flies -
supporters of the king and members of the government at Versailles.
Current events. You are free...return to France. MT.Conti speaks for you. (German soldier opens door to the figure of Napoleon III) Current events. Two figures. Royalty (Versailles) and Armed Woman (Paris) Daily Sketches. My son... To his excellency M. Thiers Chief of the Executive Power of the Rural Republic. The Spectres.
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The Franc-Mconnerie and the Commune. The parade of the pretenders. Count de Chambord. Plonplon. Le Petit Badingue. Le Pere Badingue. Count de Paris. Adolphe the executive. La Commune. Felix Pyat. La Commune. Arthur Arnould La Commune. Vermorel La Commune. Jules Valles.
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La Commune. Paschal Grousset. La Commune. Cournet. Naploean III on the Verdome Column par00789.jpg par00801.jpg par00803.jpg


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