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Max Eastman

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Portrait of Max Eastman



1925: Since Lenin Died

1925: Leon Trotsky: The Portrait of a Youth


From The Masses

1914: The Nice People of Trinidad

1914: Two articles related to the Associated Press libel suit

1915: Confession of a Suffrage Orator

1916: Three articles related to Censorship and The Masses

1917: A Passionate Magazine

1917: The Religion of Patriotism


From The Militant

July 1930: Hypocrisy for Art’s Sake in the New Masses (correspondence)


From New International

August 1935: Marxism – Science or Philosophy?

April 1938: A Letter to Corliss Lamont

August 1938: Burnham Dodges My Views



Leon Trotsky: 1930The History of the Russian Revolution

Leon Trotsky: 1937Revolution Betrayed

Max Eastman Archive in MIA

(At the moment there are two Max Eastman Archives – they will be combined in the near future)

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