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Max Eastman

Since Lenin Died


Published: Boni and Liveright Publishers, New York 1925.
Source: Hathy Trust Digital Library.
Transcribed: Zdravko Saveski, September 2009.

I. Lenin and Trotsky

II. The Anti-Bonaparte Fraction

III. The Testament of Lenin

IV. The Resolution on Workers’ Democracy

V. Trotsky’s Bad Tactics

VI. Stalin’s Assault

VII. Zinoviev Creates A Panic

VIII. Bucharin Falsifies History

IX. They Defend “Leninism”

X. Trotsky’s Personal Reaction

XI. The Meaning of the Dispute

XII. Real Economic Differences

XIII. The Peasant Question

XIV. Recent Events



I. Lunacharsky on Trotsky’s Character

II. The Dispute about the Trade Unions

III. The “Retreat” of Zinoviev and Kamenev

IV. Trotsky’s Letter to the Central Committee

V. The Reply of the Politburo

VI. Trotsky’s Letter on the New Course

VII. What Was Meant by “The Opposition”

VIII. Trotsky’s Letter of Resignation

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