Josip Broz Tito

Oath Taken by Fighting Men of Partisan Detachments

Date: September 26, 1941
Source: Tito: Selected Military Works, p. 31
Published: Vojnoizdavčki Zavod, Belgrade, 19661
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"We, the people's Partisans of Yugoslavia,
have taken up arms to wage a relentless struggle
against the bloodthirsty enemies
who have enslaved our country
and are exterminating our peoples.
In the name of liberty and justice for our people,
we swear that we shall be disciplined,
persevering and fearless,
that we shall spare neither blood nor life in fighting
the fascist invaders
and all traitors to the people until they are
completely annihilated."



1. Tito wrote the text of the oath in Belgrade, before leaving for the Consultation of Partisan Detachment Commanders on September 26, 1941, at Stolice. It was published in the book Notes from the Liberation War" by Rodoijub Colaković, Matica Hrvatska Publishers, Zagreb, 1947, Book I, pages 305-306.

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