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William Paul





1917: The State (PDF)

1917: State Control or Industrial Unionism

1918: Scientific Socialism: Its Revolutionary Aims and Methods
1918: The Melting Pot: S.L.P. and the Election

1920: Through Parliament to Disaster
1920: Minerals and World Power
1920: Lenin on Communist Tactics in Britain

1921: The Manchester Conference
1921: Wrangel’s Last Stand
1921: Power or Persuasion?
1922: Untitled Review of Bukharin’s and Preobrazhensky’s The ABC of Communism
1921: Are We Realists? (Part I)
1921: Are We Realists? (Part II)
1921: Are We Realists? (Part III)

1922: Unemployment: The Responsibility of the Labour Party
1922: Force: The Midwife of Revolution
1922: Our Birthday
1922: Genoa
1922: Mercenary Murderers
1922: The Real Conspiracy Against Labour
1922: Freedom and Justice
1922: An Indispensable Book, Review of M. Beer’s Social Struggles in Antiquity
1922: Untitled, Review of J. P. M. Millar’s More Production and More Poverty

1923: What is Crime?, Review of Clarence Darrow’s Crime: Its Cause and Treatment
1923: The Betrayal
1923: Soviet Russia and the World Crisis

1925: Capitalism, Labour and the Press

1926: The Left Wing
1926: A Revolutionary Epic, Review of John Reed’s Ten Days that Shook the World

1937: Storming Heaven, Review of Frank Jellinek’s The Paris Commune of 1871

1946: Atomic Energy and Social Progress


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      1920: Impresion of the Communist Unity Convention