Works of Karl Marx, 1881

Marx's Mathematical Manuscripts

Written: 1881;
Source: Marx's Mathematical Manuscripts, New Park Publications, 1983;
First published: in Russian translation, in Pod znamenem marksizma, 1933;
Transcribed: Andy Blunden.

Table of Contents

The Manuscripts

Two Manuscripts on Differential Calculus

‘On the Concept of the Derived Function’
On the Differential

On the history of Differential Calculus

First Draft
Second Draft

On the history of Differential Calculus

Third Draft
Some Supplements
First Drafts
Continuation of Extracts

Taylor's Theorem, MacLaurin's Theorem and Lagrange's Theory of Derived Functions

1. From the Manuscript ‘Taylor's Theorem, MacLaurin's Theorem, and Lagrange's Theory of Derived Functions’
2. From the Unfinished Manuscript ‘Taylor's Theorem’

Appendices to the Manuscript
‘On the History of the Differential Calculus’ and
Analysis of D’Alembert's Method

On the Ambiguity of the Terms ‘Limit’ and ‘Limit Value’
Comparison of D’Alembert's Method to the Algebraic Method
Analysis of D’Alembert's Method by Means of Yet Another Example

Hegel on Calculus

The Differential
Calculus Deduced from its Application
Infinitesimal Magnitudes

Hegel & Mathematics, Ernst Kolman & Sonya Yanovskaya

Letters of Marx and Engels on Science and Mathematics.

PDF version of the entire New Park Publications book

This file has been copied from The Maoist Internationalist Movment website. It is a photocopy of the same New Park book used for the above texts, but includes the full text, including indexes, preface, etc., in a single, large file.

PDF version

Review of the New Park Publications Edition, Andy Blunden, June 1983.