Rosa Luxemburg
Letters to Sophie Liebknecht

Wronke, August 24, 1916[7]

Dear Sonichka,

It grieves me so much that I cannot be with you at this moment. But be brave; there will soon be a turn for the better.

The main thing is that you should have a change – no matter where you go, so long as it is in the country where everything is fresh and lovely, and where you will be properly looked after. You would be foolish to stay where you are and mope. It is likely to be many weeks before the appeal can be heard. Do get away as soon as you possibly can ... Karl will certainly be easier in his mind when he knows that you are in the country. A thousand thanks for your letter of the 10th and for your sendings. Certainly we shall all be together next spring, having country walks or strolling through the Botanical Gardens, and I love to look forward to it. But for the present, Sonichka, you must have a change. Can’t you manage to go to Lake Constance, to get a breath of southern air? But I must see you before you go. Write to the Governor for leave. Let me have another line from you soon. Make your mind as easy as you can.

Fondest love. R.

Send my most affectionate greetings to Karl. I was delighted to get Helmi’s and Bobbi’s cards.


[7] Wronke is a town in the former German province Posen. Written on the day when Karl Liebknccht was sentenced to four years hard labour.

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