Rosa Luxemburg
Letters to Sophie Liebknecht

Berlin, August 5, 1916
(The prison in the Barnimstrasse)

My dear little Sonya,

Today, August 5th, I have just received your two letters; they came together, the one of July 11th (!!) and the one of July 23rd.

You see that the post works more slowly than if I were in New York. But the books you sent me came to hand earlier. Heartfelt thanks for everything. I am so sorry that I had to leave you in your present situation; how I should have liked to stroll with you through the fields once more, or watch the sunset from the bay-window in your kitchen ... Helmi,[3] too sent me a long postcard describing his journey. Thanks so much also for the Hölderlin.[4] But you must not squander so much money on me; I really don’t like it.

Thanks so much for the hamper of good things and for the beans.

Write soon, for then perhaps I shall get another letter before the end of the month. Warmest love. Keep your heart up. You are never out of my thoughts. Much love to Karl and the children.


The Pierre Loti[5] is splendid; I haven't read the other books yet.


[3] Helmi and Bobbi (mentioned in the next letter) are the Liebknecht sons.

[4] A German poet, novelist, and translator. Born 1770, died 1843.

[5] Captain in the French navy, born 1850, famous novelist.

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