Karl Kautsky

Terrorism and Communism

A Contribution to the Natural History of Revolution


Written: Charlottenburg, Berlin, June 1919.
Translated: W.H. Kerridge.
Published: The National Labour Press Ltd.
Transcribed: Ted Crawford for marxists.org, June 2002. [1].


Transcriber’s Note

1. Apart from correcting typographical errors I have changed few words, largely proper nouns where I have used the standard word or spelling or where the meaning was obvious and there was a standard expression. I have also changed the titles of a number of literature references to the more commonly used English ones on the MIA. Otherwise this version is that of 1919. The whole work badly needs a new translation as this one is clearly rather poor and hurried. (A note on terminology: The translator uses the term “middle class” instead to the more usual terms “bourgeoisie” and “bourgeois” in modern Marxist discourse. This is also the case with “small middle class” for “petty bourgeoisie” and “petty bourgeois”. - MIA)


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