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From Encyclopedia of Marxism

By E P Thompson


The Rev. W Landsell, D.D., March 1883
Karl Marx, March 1883
Marx's Theory of Value, June 1883
Underground Russia, August-September 1883
Record of the International Popular Movement, January-July 1884
The Irish Dynamiters, May 1884
Gladstone’s Budget Speech Of 1863, correspondence with Sedley Taylor, January-June 1884
The Woman Question, with Edward Aveling, 1886
The Chicago Anarchists, with Edward Aveling, November 1887
Shelley and Socialism, with Edward Aveling, April 1888
The difference between Byron and Shelley, with Edward Aveling, 1888
Speech on the First May Day, Hyde park, May, 1890
The Liverpool Congress, October 1890
Dramatic Notes, February 1890 - February 1891
Literature Notes, August 1890 - February 1891
Letter to Samuel Gompers, American Federation of Labor, January 1891
A Doll’s House Repaired, March 1891
The Factory Hell, with Edward Aveling, 1891
Report to the Brussels International Congress, 1891
The Working Class Movement in America,, with Edward Aveling, 1891
The working class movement in England, 1895
Exchange with Bax, on the woman question, November 1895
The Other Side of the Picture, June 1896
Procession of Children for the Hyde Park Peace Demonstration, July 1896
French and German Classes for the SDF, September 1896
The Gotha Congress, including Comments on Clara Zetkin's speech, October 1896
The Proletarian in the Home, November 1896
Socialist Municipalities and Communes in France, January 1897
Karl Marx’s “Capital”, with Laura Lafargue March 1897
Suggestions for Propaganda Work, January 1897
Biographical notes on Karl Marx, 1897
Letter from Eleanor and Edward Aveling to Justice, on their health, January 1898

Editing, Translations:

An Account of Abbé Vogler, 1881
Value, Price and Profit, written by Karl Marx in 1865, edited by Eleanor Marx.
The Lady of the Sea, a play by Henrik Ibsen, translated by Eleanor Marx.
The Paris Commune of 1871, by Henri Lissagaray, translated by Eleanor Marx in 1876.
Madame Bovary, a novel by Gustave Flaubert, translated by Eleanor Marx.
An Enemy of Society, a play by Henrik Ibsen, translated by Eleanor Marx.
A Ball-Mood, by Alexander Kielland, 1890
Biography of Lassalle by Bernstein, translated by Eleanor Marx.
Anarchism and Socialism, by Georgi Plekhanov, translated by Eleanor Marx.
Revolution and Counter Revolution in Germany, 1852 by Karl Marx, edited by Eleanor Marx.
A Bad Quarter of an Hour, by Wilhelm Liebknecht, translated by Eleanor Marx.
The Story of the Life of Lord Palmerston, 1853 by Karl Marx, translated by Eleanor Marx.
Diplomatic History of the 18th Century, 1857 by Karl Marx, translated by Eleanor Marx.

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