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May 1908: British Advocates of Industrial Unionism: Glasgow Branch

Jul 1919: Ten Minutes Talk With Workers: Economic Crises

Jul 1920: The Communist Unity Group: Our Point of View
Dec 1920: Open Letter to the Rank and File of the I.L.P.

Oct 1921: Propaganda and Agitation
Oct 1921: Are We Realists?: A Reply to William Paul

Jan 1922: The Crisis in the T.U. Movement: A Programme of Action
May 1922: Back Again in Russia
Jun 1922: May Day in Moscow
Jul 1922: Implications of the Transition Period
Oct 1922: Rally to the Unions
Nov 1922: French Communists in Congress

Jan 1923: March Separately—Strike Jointly
Feb 1923: Stop the March to Ruin: Manifesto of the Communist Party of Great Britain
Oct 1923: Ourselves and the Labour Party
Nov 1923: Nikolai Lenin: A Brief Biographical Sketch of a Great Leader

May 1924: The Labour Government and the Labour Party

Dec 1925: The Movement for World Trade Union Unity

Feb 1930: The Situation in Ireland

      1939: Reminiscences of Lenin


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      1920: Impresion of the Communist Unity Convention