Lynn Beaton

Lynn Beaton


Selected Writing

Working Women's Charter, ACTU Working Women's Centre, 1980
The importance of women’s paid labour. Women at work in World War II, 1982
Equal Pay Manual, ACTU Working Women's Centre, 1984
Shifting Horizons, 1985
My Experience with the SLL & WRP, 1986
The Chinese Road to Socialism, Communist Intervention, 30 June 1989
Women and Award Restructuring, Discussion Paper, Working Women's Centre, 1989
Women and Award Restructuring, Discussion Paper #2, 1990
Women's Workly, Victorian Women's Trust, 1991
For a Strong Party, Militant Internal Bulletin, August 1997
Who's Afraid of the Working Class, (review) 1998
Part of the Furniture, 2007
The Miracle Fibre Exposed as a Deadly Threat, 2013
A Reflection on the Feminist Movement, 2013
Keeping Alive the Spirit of the Miners’ Strike, 2014
Tribute to Bill Deller, November 2014
The Events at Clunes, 2016