Marx Myths & Legends

Introduction to “Marx Myths & Legends”


i. Myths Conflating Marx with “State Socialism”

1. A Manifesto of Emancipation, by Paresh Chattopadhyay
2. The ‘Dictatorship of the Proletariat’ in Marx and Engels, by Hal Draper

ii. Myths about Marx’s Character

3. Marx and the working-class, by Francis Wheen
4. Marx’s ‘Illegitimate Son’, by Terrell Carver
5. Marx and the Economic-Jew Stereotype, by Hal Draper
6. Reading the “unreadable” Marx, by Humphrey McQueen

iii. Myths conflating Marx with 19th Century Socialism and Positivism

7. The Tradition of Scientific Marxism, by John Holloway
8. Karl Marx and Religion, by Cyril Smith

iv. The Myth of Dialectical Materialism

9. The Origins of Dialectical Materialism, by Z. A. Jordan
10. The Legend of Marx, or "Engels the founder", by Maximilien Rubel

v. Other Myths of Marxism

11. Karl Marx: Economist or Revolutionary?, by Harry Cleaver
12. The Myth of Marx’s Economic Determinism, by Peter Stillman
13. Marx and Materialism, by Cyril Smith
14. The Myth of ‘Simple Commodity Production’, by Christopher J. Arthur

vi. Recent Myths

15. Hegel’s Master-Slave Dialectic and a Myth of Marxology, by Christopher J. Arthur
16. Ideology and False Consciousness, by Joseph McCarney
17. ‘The creatures,too,must become free’: Marx and the Animal/Human Distinction, by Lawrence Wilde


Christopher J. Arthur
Terrell Carver
Paresh Chattopadhyay
Harry Cleaver
Hal Draper
John Holloway
Z. A. Jordan
Joseph McCarney
Humphrey McQueen
Maximilien Rubel
Cyril Smith
Peter Stillman
Francis Wheen
Lawrence Wilde

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