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April 24, 1969


The Ninth National Congress of the Communist Party of China came to a victorious close on the afternoon of April 24.

The great leader Chairman Mao attended today's session.

Vice-Chairman Lin Piao presided over today's session.

The Ninth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was elected at the plenary session today. A most enthusiastic, revolutionary atmosphere prevailed throughout the process of voting in the election. When the names of the great leader Chairman Mao and his close comrade-in-arms Vice-Chairman Lin Piao were read out in the announcement of the list of the elected members at the session, prolonged thunderous applause resounded throughout the hall and the delegates burst into prolonged hearty cheers: "Long live the great, glorious and correct Communist Party of China!" "Long live the united and victorious Ninth National Congress of the Party!" "Long live invincible Mao Tsetung Thought!" "A long, long life to our great leader Chairman Mao!"

The congress proceeded with the third item on the agenda from April 15 and the delegates have been working conscientiously and with a great sense of responsibility. In accordance with the rules laid down by the presidium of the congress, candidates for membership and alternate membership of the Central Committee were first nominated by the delegations freely. After collecting the opinions of the delegations, the presidium proposed a preliminary list of candidates and handed it to the delegations and, after full consultation, a list of candidates was worked out. A preliminary election by secret ballot was then conducted. After such repeated, full democratic consultation from below and from above, a final list of candidates was decided upon, and it was submitted by the presidium to the congress for final election by secret ballot. The process of the election of the Ninth Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party fully manifested the Party s democratic centralism and mass line.

Among the 170 members and 109 alternate members elected to the Central Committee, there are proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation of our Party and new proletarian fighters who have come forth in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution; there are leading cadres from the various fronts of the Party, the government and the army, outstanding Party members working at production posts in factories and rural areas, combat heroes of the People's Liberation Army safeguarding our motherland, Communists engaged in cultural and scientific work and outstanding men and women communist fighters of various nationalities. The delegates said that the composition of the Ninth Central Committee forcefully shows the unprecedented vitality and revolutionary unity of our Party under the great red banner of Mao Tsetung Thought.

Seated in the front row of the rostrum today were: Comrades Chou En-lai, Chen Po-ta, Kang Sheng, Chiang Ching, Chang Chun-chiao, Yao Wen-yuan, Hsieh Fuehih, Huang Yung-sheng, Wu Fa-hsien, Yeh Chun, Wang Tung-hsing and Wen Yu-cheng.

Also in the front row were: Comrades Tung Pi-wu, Liu Po-cheng, Chu Teh, Chen Yun, Li Fu-chun, Chen Yi, Li Hsien-nien, Hsu Hsiang-chien, Nieh Jung-chen and Yeh Chien-ying.

The delegates said with joy: Holding high the great red banner of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought, the congress has seriously and conscientiously studied Chairman Mao's theory of continuing the revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat, summed up the great victories and basic experience of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in our country and decided upon our Party's tasks and policies for both domestic affairs and international activities, and today it has elected the new Central Committee. Thus politically, ideologically and organizationally, it has successfully realized Chairman Mao's call to make the congress "a congress of unity and a congress of victory". The congress will surely have a most far-reaching influence in the history of our Party. We are certain that after the conclusion of the congress, "still greater victories will be won throughout the country" under the leadership of the great leader Chairman Mao and of the Ninth Central Committee with Chairman Mao as its leader and Vice-Chairman Lin as its deputy leader.

The congress holds that it is essential to further develop the great mass movement for the living study and application of Mao Tsetung Thought throughout the country, conscientiously to study the most important speeches made by Chairman Mao on several occasions at the congress, the political report made by Vice-Chairman Lin and the Constitution of the Communist Party of China, and to study the historical experience of the struggle between the two lines within the Party over the past forty-eight years, and particularly since the beginning of the period of the socialist revolution. Through such study, a clear understanding of the situation, our tasks and policies should be acquired, Liu Shao-chi's counter-revolutionary revisionist line should be further criticized and its pernicious influence should be eliminated so that, under the great red banner of Mao Tsetung Thought, unity in thinking, policy, plan, command and action will be achieved by the whole Party, the whole army and the people of all nationalities in the country. This is the fundamental guarantee for the realization of the various tasks set forth by the congress and for the achievement of still greater victories.

The congress calls on the whole Party, the whole army and the people of all nationalities in the country resolutely to carry out Chairman Mao's proletarian revolutionary line, continue to strengthen and consolidate the dictatorship of the proletariat, carry through to the end the revolution in the superstructure including every sphere of culture such as education, literature and art, the press and health, and fulfil all the tasks of struggle-criticism-transformation as set forth in Vice Chairman Lin's political report. We should have faith in the masses, rely on them and respect their initiative. We should fulfil these tasks in every single factory, every single school, every single commune and every single unit step by step and in a deep-going, meticulous, down-to-earth and appropriate way. We should make concrete analyses of the conditions in different places, take into account the unevenness in the development of the movement and draw up necessary plans in order to fulfil the tasks for all the stages in struggle-criticism-transformation throughout the country.

The congress calls on the leading cadres at all levels in the Party and the army and on the broad revolutionary masses to bear firmly in mind Chairman Mao's teaching that policy and tactics are the life of the Party and conscientiously carry out all Chairman Mao's proletarian policies. Under the leadership of the proletariat, we should consolidate the worker-peasant alliance, re-educate the intellectuals and win over and unite with all people that can be united to fight together against the enemy. We should pay attention to the trends in the class struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, fight against the handful of counter-revolutionaries who vainly attempt to stage a comeback, fight the "Left" or Right erroneous tendencies, which all run counter to Chairman Mao's policies, and combat all manifestations of the bourgeois world outlook.

The congress urges all the Party comrades and the revolutionary committees at all levels conscientiously to carry out the mass line, adhere to the Marxist scientific method of investigating and studying social conditions initiated by Chairman Mao, and analyse and resolve contradictions by means of materialist dialectics of one dividing into two. We should be good at distinguishing between the two different types of contradictions, those between

ourselves and the enemy and those among the people, and should properly handle these different types of contradictions by different methods. In solving a problem, we should note both its positive and negative aspects; when taking notice of the main tendency, we should also pay attention to the other tendency which may be covered up; we must take full notice and get firm hold of the principal aspect and at the same time solve one by one the problems arising from the non-principal aspect. Leading comrades at all levels must understand the whole situation, be good at grasping typical cases, sum up experience, pay close attention to the trends, do their work in a deep-going and meticulous way and overcome the tendency to fall into generalities. In a victorious situation, comrades must maintain the style of arduous struggle and plain living and the style of being modest, prudent and free from arrogance and rashness, and must guard against the sugar-coated bullets of the bourgeoisie and its attempts to corrupt and split our Party and the revolutionary ranks.

The Ninth National Congress of the Communist Party of China extends a warm proletarian revolutionary salute to the working class, the poor and lower-middle peasants, the Red Guards, the revolutionary cadres and the revolutionary intellectuals all over the country, who have made remarkable contributions in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, and to the commanders and fighters of the People's Liberation Army, who have done meritorious service in safeguarding the sacred territory of our motherland and in the work of supporting industry, supporting agriculture and supporting the broad masses of the Left and exercising military control and giving political and military training. The congress sends warm regards to the broad sections of the patriotic

overseas Chinese and our patriotic fellow-countrymen in Hongkong and Macao, to our fellow-countrymen in Taiwan who are oppressed and exploited by the U.S.-Chiang reactionaries and to all those who support socialism and love the motherland and have for a long time done useful work for the revolution and the construction in the motherland. The congress calls on the working class, the poor and lower-middle peasants and the people of all nationalities in our country to persist in maintaining independence and keeping the initiative in our own hands and relying on our own efforts and in going all out, aiming high and achieving greater, faster better and more economical results in building socialism, to bring about a new high tide in revolution and production by taking the concrete action of grasping revolution and promoting production and other work and preparedness against war and to score new achievements in the three great revolutionary movements of class struggle, the struggle for production and scientific experiment.

The Ninth National Congress of the Communist Party of China extends a warm and militant salute to the heroic Albanian Party of Labour and the genuine fraternal Marxist-Leninist Parties and organizations all over the world, to the revolutionary people of the five continents who are waging valiant struggles against imperialism headed by the United States, modern revisionism with the Soviet revisionist renegade clique as its centre and the reactionaries of various countries, and to the heroic Vietnamese people who persist in carrying through to the end the war of resistance against U.S. aggression and for national salvation. The congress solemnly declares: The Communist Party of China, nurtured by the great leader Chairman Mao, will always uphold proletarian internationalism and firmly support the revolutionary struggles of the proletariat and the oppressed people and nations of the world. We are determined to unite with the genuine Marxist-Leninists all over the world and the broad masses of the proletariat and the revolutionary people in all countries, thoroughly smash the plot of U.S.-Soviet collusion to redivide the world and carry through to the end the great struggle against imperialism, revisionism and all reaction.

U.S. imperialism, Soviet revisionism and the reactionaries in the world are all paper tigers. They cannot escape their doom. Their difficulties are insurmountable. The revolutionary cause of the people the world over will definitely triumph. We are fully aware that there will still be difficulties and twists and turns on our way forward, and the reactionaries at home and abroad will still put up a last-ditch struggle. But all this cannot stop the victorious advance of our great cause of socialism. Armed with Mao Tsetung Thought, the Chinese people and the Chinese People's Liberation Army are invincible. We are determined to liberate Taiwan! We are determined to defend the sacred territory and sovereignty of our great motherland! All the schemes, sabotage and shameless aggression on the part of U.S. imperialism, Soviet revisionism and the other foreign reactionaries and all the schemes and sabotage on the part of the domestic reactionaries are bound to be smashed to smithereens by the iron fist of the Chinese people and the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army who are fully prepared! Ours is an era in which imperialism is heading for total collapse and socialism is advancing to world-wide victory, a great era in which Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought is triumphing all over the world. Let us closely follow the great leader Chairman Mao and advance valiantly to win new and greater victories!


Long live the victory of the Ninth National Congress of the Party!

Long live the victory of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution!

Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat!

Workers of all countries, unite!

Proletarians and oppressed people and nations of the world, unite!

Down with U.S. imperialism! Down with Soviet revisionism! Down with the reactionaries of various countries!

Long live the great unity of the people of all nationalities in our country!

Long live the great unity of the people of the world!

Long live invincible Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought!

Long live the great, glorious and correct Communist Party of China!

Long live our great leader Chairman Mao! A long, long life to Chairman Mao!

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Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung