Anna Louise Strong Reference Archive

Letters from China

Source: Letters from China, Peking: New World Press, 1963-;
Transcribed: by Sally Ryan for in 2002.


Letter Number 1: On Harvest Moon, U-2, Peace
Letter Number 2: Sino-Indian Border Conflict
Letter Number 3: Question Now – Whither India?
Letter Number 4: The Great Debate
Letter Number 5:
 A Year Ends! A Year Begins!
 Progress on the Economic Scene Israel Epstein
 Were Me on the Brink? Talitha Gerlach
 From a Farm Near Sian Joan Hinton
 Castro on Television (Poem)
 Teacher and Housewife in Kaifeng, Honan Shirley Wood
 United States Budget, 1963 Rewi Alley
"Cuba Time" in Peking Sidney Rittenberg
Letter Number 6: Some Questions on Cuba
Letter Number 6a: The Return of the Weapons
Letter Number 7:
 The Return of the Captives and the Indian Dream of Empire
 Tibet – Farce and Reality!
 The Wheat Is Green
 Personal Note
Letter Number 8:
Communists Debate Man's Way May
Day in Peking – Fake and Fact
Letter Number 9:
 The Economy and Livelihood of China
 Shopping Notes
 Keeping Out China News!
 Our Urban Communes in Kaifeng Shirley Wood
 Kwanyin of Do Loh Se Rewi Alley
 True Tales of Chinese Children
Letter Number 10:
 Why I Came to China at the Age of 72
 Remaking the Lands and the Waters