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“Equality of rights is another chimera, praiseworthy when considered in the abstract and ridiculous from the standpoint of the means employed to introduce it in civilisation. The first right of men is the right to work and the right to a minimum [income]. This is precisely what has gone unrecognised in all the constitutions. Their primary concern is with favoured individuals who are not in need of work.”



Most of Fourier’s mansucripts were published only after his death and the date on which they were written is unknown. His first book was the 400-page Théorie des Quatre Mouvements, published in 1808, and Fourier sent copies to members of the nobility and bankers. The 1400-page Traité de l’association domestique-agricole was published in 1822, later republished as Théorie de l’unité universelle. Le Nouveau Monde Industriel et Sociétaire was published in 1829, and each of these published works were only fractions of the manuscripts from which they were taken.

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