The Hague Congress

The International Workingmen's Association, 1872

Greeting from the Amsterdam members
of the International

Written: in English;
Translated: by Richard Dixon & Alex Miller, for Progress Publishers, 1976.
Transcribed: by

September 5 1872

Dear Brothers,

Not having the possibility to be among you, we nevertheless do not wish to miss the occasion to send you our most ardent greetings.

How moved we are by the knowledge that at the present moment there are assembled quite close to us people who have come from afar to seek the means to improve the living conditions of and to emancipate our working class, which is still dominated by the State and the Church.

We appeal to you to work courageously and persistently and are your devoted brothers in arms in the great struggle which social democracy is conducting.

A Ras
G. Hoogstraten
W. G. Daal
J. P. Pulen
L. A. van Heerde
W. Ansing

"All together sons of Cain"