Last Letters of The Manouchian Group February 21, 1944

Cesare Luccarini

Source: Philippe Ganier Raymond. L'Affiche Rouge, Editions Fayard. 1975;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor

Cesare Luccarini, 21 years old, had joined the Young Communists as soon as he arrived in France in 1937, and had joined the Resistance at its very beginnings.

Dear father, sister, and all of you,

Two words to tell you that I've just been condemned to death. You mustn’t lose hope. Have faith till the end. Dear father, redirect the love you had for me to my little nephew.

What can you do? Such is life. I ask forgiveness for the evil I've done, to you as well as the family.

Above all, father, don’t do anything foolish. What I ask of you is that you be courageous to the very end.

Kiss all my friends and all the family for me

I end this wishing you a better future, and kissing all of you with all my heart.

Be courageous, all of you, and have faith.

Your son and brother who loves you all to the bottom of his heart up till the last minute.


The greatest proof of love is to give your life for those you love. Be as courageous as me.