Last letters of The Manouchian Group February 21, 1944

Stanislas Kubacki

Source: Pkilippe Ganier Raymond. L'Affiche Rouge, Fayard, Paris. 1975;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor

Polish Spanish Civil War veteran Stanislas Kubacki wrote to his wife and son.

My beloved wife Genia and my beloved son Edria,

For the last time, I write you a few words.

I'm informing you that I appeared before a German military tribunal on February 18.

I was condemned to death, and today I go before the firing squad. I kept my calm till the last moment, and I remained faithful to all my family.

My dear Genia, I ask you not to be cast down by my death, but to raise our son well, for he'll son work for you and remains with you as a souvenir of me. Love him more than your life. I am done.

I kiss you for the last time, as well as your family, mine, and all our friends.

I die for freedom

Your Stanislas Kubacki