Last letters of The Manouchian Group February 21, 1944

Maurice Fingerczwajg

Source: David Diamant. Combattants, Héros & Martyrs de la Resistance, editions Renouveau, Paris. 1984;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor.

21- year old Maurice Fingerczwajg was a Young Communist who joined the Resistance in 1942.His family had been taken by the Nazis, so he wrote to a neighbor.


I'm writing you these last words from my hand to tell you of my farewell to life which I wanted more beautiful than it was.

If my parents and my brothers have the luck to one day return alive from the torment that I died as a brave man and in thinking of them. The life I lead before was not a life, and I don’t know how to express all the confused ideas which move about in my head. I'm also sending you some articles of clothing, which you should give to my parents who will perhaps return one day. I thought of you for these final tasks knowing of your devotion.

The day of deliverance now chimes for me in this land which loved and in which I will now rest. I kiss you with all my heart, including in this kiss my dear parents and my dear brothers; my thoughts also go out to your husband, who was always so nice to me, and to my school chum Robert, who'll tell all his school friends that I haven’t forgotten the good times we spent together. My thoughts stop at the end of my pen, hoping you will think from time to time of little Maurice.

P.S. I also kiss with all my heart your little Jean and Suzanne, who served me your pleasant dishes.