Last Letters of The Manouchian Group, February 21, 1944

Rino Della Negra

Source: Philippe Ganier Raymond. L'Affiche Rouge, Fayard, Paris. 1975;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor.

21 year-old Italian Rino Della Negra joined the Resistance after being called-up to be sent to Germany as part of the Service du travail Obligatoire, the mandatory labor service.

Dear parents:

These two lines to tell you that I've been condemned to a severe penalty. I very much regret not having told you what I did, but it had to be so. Pretend that I was at the front, and be as courageous as me.

Little father and little mother, you have always been paradise for me ... I kiss all of Argenteuil from the beginning to the end.

Your dear son who loves you till the last minute of his life.