Last letters of The Manouchian Group February 21, 1944

Georges Cloarec

Source: Philippe Ganier Raymond. L'Affiche Rouge, Fayard, Paris. 1975;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor.

Georges Cloarec was neither a foreigner nor a communist. Seeking to enter the Resistance, he found himself assigned to the FTP-MOI.

Dear uncle and aunt,

I write you these two words to let you know that I'll soon be going before the firing squad, at 3:00. But you mustn’t cry, since it has no effect on me to know that in seven hours I'll be executed. I did my duty as a soldier.

Dear uncle, I'm letting you know that I wrote to papa, but I didn’t tell them that I'm going to be executed. You have only to gently let them know; it will be hard for them to learn of it brutally. Above all, be careful, when you tell my uncle Georges and my aunt Marie not to shock them too much.

Send greetings to all the comrades on my behalf.

I leave you for life.

Your nephew and cousin who loves you.


There is nothing more beautiful than to die for France. Farewell.