Documents of the Paris Commune 1871

The National Guard Opposes Prussian Entry Into Paris

Written: 28 February 1871;
Translated: from the original for by Mitch Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2005.

Central Committee of the National Guard


The general sentiment of the population seems to be to not oppose the Prussian entry into Paris. The Central Committee, which had issued a contrary opinion, declares that it rallies to the following resolution:

Around all the neighborhoods that the enemy shall occupy, a series of barricades will be established capable of completely isolating that part of the city. The residents of the area circumscribed within these limits should immediately evacuate it.

The National Guard, formed in a cordon around this in concert with the army, will ensure that the enemy, thus isolated on land that will no longer be part of our city, cannot in any way communicate with the entrenched parts of Paris.

The Central Committee calls on the entire National Guard to loan its assistance to the execution of the measures needed to arrive at this goal, and to avoid any aggression that would bring about the immediate overthrow of the Republic.

Paris, February 28, 1871

The Members of the Commission:

André Alavoine, A. Bouit, Frontier, Boursier, David, Boisson, Haroud, Gritz, Tessier, Ramel, Badois, Arnold,Piconel, Audoynau, Masson, Webert, Lagarde, Jean Laroque, Jules Bergeret, Pouchain, La Valette, Fleury, Maljournal, Choteau, Cadaze, Gastaud, Dutil, Matte, Mutin.