The Paris Commune 1870

The Republican Central Committee of the Twenty Arrondissements of Paris

First Published: September 20 1870;
Translated: from the original for by Mitch Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2005.

The twenty arrondissement committees, gathered in a general assembly on September 20, 1870 at the Alcazar, passed the following resolutions:


The Republic cannot negotiate with an enemy that occupies its territory


Paris is resolved to bury itself beneath its ruins rather than surrender


The levée en masse shall be immediately decreed in Paris and the departments, along with the general requisition of all that can be used for the defense of the country and the subsistence of its defenders.


The municipal police shall be immediately put in the hands of the Paris Commune. Consequently, the Prefecture of Police is suppressed.


The rapid election of the members of the Paris Commune, which will be composed of one Municipal Councilor per ten thousand inhabitants.

It is decreed that the above resolutions shall be made known to the populace of Paris through posters, and that at the same time the government shall be notified of them by a commission of twenty delegates from the twenty arrondissements.

For the twenty arrondissement committees and by delegation:

Ch. Beslay, Z. Camélinat, Ch.-L. Chassin, Eug. Chatelain, A. Claris, Cornu, E. Dupas, E. Duval, Johannard, P.Lanjaley, lefrancais, Ch. Longuet, L. Michel, G. Mollin, G. Paguerre, J.-B. Perrin, G. Ranvier, Emile Roy, Toussaint, Vertut