The Paris Commune 1871

Delegations from the Provinces

First Published: March 23, 1871;
Translated: from the original for by Mitch Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2005.


The fugitive government in Versailles has sought to cut you off; the provinces have found themselves suddenly deprived of all news from Paris.

But the isolation in which they wanted to enclose you has not prevented the revolutionary inspiration from making headway, despite all precautions.

Yesterday and today the Central Committee received several delegations from the cities of Lyons, Bourdeaux, Marseilles, Rouen, etc, who have come here to learn the nature of our revolution and who left as quickly as possible to give the signal for a similar movement, which has been prepared everywhere.


Hotel-de-Ville, March 23, 1871

The Central Committee of the National guard:

Ant. Arnaud, Assi, Billioray, Ferrat, Babick, Ed. Moreau, C. Dupont, Varlin, Gouhier, Lavalette, Fr. Jourde, Rousseau, G. Arnold, Viard, Blanchet, J. Grolard, Baroud, H. Geresme, Fabre, Fougeret, Bouit, H. Chouteau, Andignoux, C. Gaudier, Castioni, Prudhomme, Josselin, Maxime lisbonne, J. Bergeret, Maljournal, Ramvier, Fleury, Avoine fils, Guiller