The Paris Commune 1871

“Your Commune Has Been Constituted”

First Published: March 29, 1871;
Translated: from the original for by Mitch Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2005.


Your Commune has been constituted.

The vote of March 26 sanctioned the victorious revolution.

A cowardly aggressive power had taken you by the throat. In your legitimate defense you pushed back from your walls that government that wanted to dishonor you by imposing a king on you.

Today the criminals that you didn’t even care to pursue abuse your magnanimity by organizing a center of monarchical activity at the very gates of the city. They invoke civil war, they set in motion all possible corruptions, they accept all possible complicities, they have even gone so far as to beg support from foreigners.

We call down upon these execrable maneuvers the judgment of France and the world.


You have just given yourselves institutions that defy these attacks.

Your are masters of your destiny. Strong in your support, the representatives that you have just established will repair the disasters caused by the fallen powers. Compromised industry, suspended labor, paralyzed commercial transactions are all going to receive a vigorous push.

Today the decision will be rendered on rents;

Tomorrow that on the due date of payments;

All public service reestablished and simplified;

The National Guard, from now on the only armed force in the city, reorganized without delay;

These will be our first acts.

In order to assure the triumph of the republic, the people’s elected representatives only ask that they be supported it with the people’s confidence.

As for them, they will do their duty.

Hotel-de-Ville of Paris March 29, 1871