The Paris Commune 1871

To The Citizens Of The XXth Arrondisement

First Published: 25 May 1871;
Translated: from the original for by Mitch Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2005.

The moment has come to fight with ferocity an enemy who has made pitiless war on us for two months.

You know what lot is reserved for us if we succumb. To arms then, and don’t put them down until after our victory. Be vigilant, especially at night. Be ever ready in order to avoid the ruses of our enemies.

I thus come to you in a common interest, asking in the name of the solidarity that unites all revolutionaries at this moment, that you faithfully execute the orders that will be given to you.

There is a grave danger that I'd like to point out to you, and that’s the refusal of the National Guard to go forward under the pretext of guarding the barricades of the neighborhoods that are not threatened. Give your assistance to the XIXth arrondisement, help it to push back the enemy. There lies your security, and victory is at this price.

Don’t wait for Belleville to be attacked; that would be too late. Forward, and Belleville will have once again triumphed.

Long Live the Republic!

Belleville, May 25, 1871
The Member of the Committee of Public Safety
G. Ranvier
The Members of the Commune
Bergeret, Viard, Trinquet