Paris May 1968

Continue the Struggle

Continuer la lutte

Source: The May Events Archive of Simon Fraser University;
Source: Simon Fraser University, The May Events Archive;
Translated: by Anonymous and Mitchell Abidor.

The U.N.E.F. is calling for an assembly of students, teachers, and high school students today, the 24th of May, at the gare de Lyon. It calls on the workers to participate en masse in this protest.

The Parti Socialiste Unifiť considers that such a protest takes on a politically important significance at a time when the absence of a legislative solution is demonstrated and the risk is appearing of stagnation of the people’s movement in demands without relation to its ambition and size.

In these conditions, there is a serious danger in seeing the government and the bosses take advantage of a division between the struggles led by the students, the workers, and the farmers. On the contrary, their united action constitutes the originality of the movement and the condition of its success.

This is why the Parti Socialiste Unifiť, just as it called on its militants to protest the 10th and 13th of May, just as it calls on them today to join the farmer’s protests, asks all its members and sympathizers in the Paris area to take part in the protest organized by the U.N.E.F and to strictly respect and follow their instructions

Friday – 18H 30
corner Ave Rue Ledru Rollin & Rue de Lyon