Paris May 1968


The Truth

Source: The May Events Archive of Simon Fraser University;
Translated: by Mitchell Abidor.

The students did not demonstrate alone on the barricades; French and foreign workers were at their side to combat the police state. The bourgeoisie used the political and police apparatus against French workers, and there was no lack of condemnations.

The bourgeoisie found other methods to use against foreign workers: did it take them to the Spanish and Portuguese borders? No one knows what became of them! SIXTY-FOUR FOREIGN WORKERS HAVE DISAPPEARED.

The same imperialist bourgeoisie that needs you and has you come here to increase its profits turns you over to Franco or Salazar, says that you don’t submissively allow yourself to be exploited.

We ask all workers who have a comrade who disappeared to bring their testimony to the reception committee: 6 rue Lalande, PARIS XIV Tel 783-43-17

at the same address there is a lawyer’s collective charged with defending all demonstrators.

In order to assist us in bringing out the truth on this question we ask you to bring your comrades to the information meeting in the courtyard of the Sorbonne Tuesday May 21 at 2000.

If it is confirmed that your comrades were turned over to the Francoist or other police we commit ourselves to carrying out all the actions necessary against those who thus denounce themselves as Nazis.

We will know to assume all the responsibilities we took upon ourselves in the development of the struggles of last week.

Informational meeting
Tuesday May 21 20h.
Courtyard of the Sorbonne