Paris May 1968

Solidarity With the Greek People

Solidarity With the Greek People

Source: The May Events Archive of Simon Fraser University;
Translated: by Mitchell Abidor.

The General Assembly of the Sorbonne has just learned that an “Association of Greek Students of Paris,” constituted by agents of the police services of the Greek fascist regime who call themselves students, has issued an invitation “to honor the solemn opening of the work of the first congress of the National Union of Hellenic Students of France, which will take place Sunday May 19 at exactly 12:30 in the drawing room of the Maison des Centraux, 8 rue Jean-Goujon, Paris 8.”

At a moment when the movement of students and teachers is rejecting the repressive structures of capitalist society and is fighting for the total recasting of education,

At a moment when the working class is putting in question the power of the monopolies by occupying the factories one after the other,

The convocation in Paris of a congress to support the Greek fascist junta is an inadmissible provocation.

The General Assembly considers that the appearance of Greek fascist groups making propaganda for the colonel’s regime is odious, and will not tolerate such attempts.

It expresses its solidarity with the anti-fascist resistance of the Greek students and people.

[General assembly of the Sorbonne]