Paris May 1968

Communiqué of the CGT of Renault

Continuer la lutte

Source: The May Events Archive of Simon Fraser University;
Source: Simon Fraser University, The May Events Archive;
Translated: by Mitchell Abidor.

We have learned of the organization of a demonstration of workers and students heading to the Renault factories at BILLANCOURT.

This decision was taken without consulting with the union organizations of the CGT, the CFDT, and FO.

We greatly appreciate the solidarity of the students and teachers in the combat against personal and employer power.

We are opposed to any ill considered initiative that could compromise our rapidly developing movement and which facilitates a provocation, bringing with it governmental intervention.

We strongly advise its initiators against the maintaining of this initiative.

We intend, along with all the workers in struggle for their demands, to lead our strike, and we refuse any outside interference, in conformity with the common declaration of the three unions: CGT, CFDT, and FO, which was approved this morning by 23,000 workers in the course of a meeting.

signed: CGT Renault