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Algerian War


Long Live Free Algeria, Confederation Communiste Libertaire 1954

Why the Communist Voted in Favor of the Government, Jacques Duclos, March 1956

Declaration of Pierre Frank at His Trial, Pierre Frank, 1956

Letter to the Europeans of Algeria, Algerian Communist Party, October 1957

Minutes of a Meeting between the FLN and the PCF, 30 May 1958

Michael Pablo on The Arab Revolution, November 1958

The Manifesto of the 121, 1960

Racism and Colonialism as Praxis and Process, Jean-Paul Sartre 1960

Letter from Francis Jeanson to Jean-Paul Sartre, 1960

Our War?, Francis Jeanson 1960

Betrayal?, Francis Jeanson 1960

The Massacre of October 17, 1961, by Mitchell Abidor

Interview with El Watan, Francis Jeanson 2004

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