ETOL Writers: Paul O’Flinn

Paul O’Flinn

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Biography (not yet available)


1975: Them and Us in Literature (book)

May 1975: Mayakovsky and His Circle (book review)

May 1975: Myths of Power (book review)

February 1976: Kilroy is Here (book review)

June 1976: A Day in the War (book review)

May 1977: The Life of the Automobile (book review)

July 1978: Craven and/or sinister (book review)

September 1978: Freedom for a few (book review)

November 1978: Wilfred Owen – Poetry, War & Pity

December 1978: Berlin Alexanderplatz (book review)

December 1978: Marx without teeth (book review)

December 1981: Disappointing scuttle (book review)

September 1996: From the Kingdom of Necessity to the Kingdom of Freedom – Morris’s News from Nowhere (extended book review)

November 1996: Why I became a socialist

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