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Julius Jacobson

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Biography: Standing Fast by Barry Finger


1953 – Civil Liberties and the Philosopher of the Cold War – as Julius Falk for New International (with Gordon Haskell).

1955 – The Peters Case – as Julius Falk for New International.

1955 – Magazine Chronicle review – as Julius Falk for New International (with Abe Stein).

1959 – From Star to Bit Player: The reasons for McCarthy’s Sinking Fortunes – as Julius Falk

1959 – Leninism, The Comintern and Putschism – as Julius Falk

1961 – The Relevance of American Socialism – Writing for International Socialism

1961 – The Limits of Reform in Russia – Part of a two part study of Issac Deutscher.

1962 – Socialism and Thermonuclear War

1963 – Russian Law Enters the “Final Stages of Communism”

1965 – Isaac Deutscher: The Anatomy of an Apologist

1983 – Reflections on Fascism and Communism

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