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Ben Hall

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June 1940: New York Party Organizes Outdoor Rally Against War

August 1942: Make-Believe War? (book review)

April 1943: National Liberation and Fantasy

July 1943: UAW Should Organize Against Klan

August 1943: Labor Action Writer Answers a Reader (letter)

November 1943: The Detroit Elections (series)

December 1943: Detroit Reader on Miners’ Strike (letter)

January 1944: Klan Elements in Detroit Again Whitewashed

March 1944: Leaders of CIO Political Action Committee Again Boost “Their Friend” at Detroit Meeting

March 1944: Michigan Forms New Party (series)

April 1944: Comment on Articles on Zionism

April 1944: “A Friend of Labor”

May 1944: CIO Leaders Sell Out to Michigan Democrats

May 1944: Detroit PAC Hog-Ties Labor to FDR

September 1944: Auto Union Faces Very Grave Crisis

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