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Obituary: Andrew Glyn, 1943–2007, by Lynn Walsh (Socialism Today, February 2008)


August 1974: Britain’s Riches – Massive Inequality of Wealth

November 1974: Are the Bosses Over-Taxed?

May 1975: Import Controls? No Answer to Workers’ Problems

September 1975: Import Controls – No Solution to Crisis<</p>

March 1976: The Socialist Challenge (book review)

November 1977: Correct If Confusing (letter)

October 1978: No Retreat –Nationalise the Banks!

December 1978: European Money Squabbles

January 1979: Fewer and Bigger

March 1979: Labour Activist and the Manifesto

Autumn 1979: Profits – Catastrophic Drop

November 1979: Japanese Workers Struggle to Transform Society – Part Two

February 1980: Labour and Equality – Why Did Labour Fail?

January 1981: Japan – Working in ‘Hell’s Battlefield’

January 1981: Japan – Reclaiming the Unions

January 1981: No Real Alternative

May 1981: Technical Progress Slows to a Snail’s Pace ...

July 1982: Economic Recovery – ‘Now You See It, Now You Don’t’

June 1984: Closures – Economic Nonsense

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