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James T. Farrell

James T. Farrell



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December 1938:

Letter to Leon Trotsky on Ireland

February 1939:

Farrell Demands Mayor Explain Protecting Nazis (letter)

June/July 1939:

James T. Farrell Answers Broun (letter)

August 1940:

Tribute to Comrade Trotsky

December 1941:

“Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living”


Literature and Ideology

August 1943:

The Frame-Up Against Kelly Postal

December 1943:

The Minneapolis Case – A Statement

February 1944:

Aid the Eighteen Class-War Prisoners and Their Families

February 1944:

Novelist Appeals for Support for Victims of Gag Act

May/November 1944:

Letters to Fourth International & the SWP

November 1944:

Civil Rights Defense Committee Asks Funds in Christmas Drive (with 7 others)

January 1945:

The Language of Hollywood

September 1946:

American Literature Marches On

December 1946:

Cain’s Movietone Realism

January 1947:

The Politics of Psychoanalysis

January 1947:

Response to Note on The Open City (letter)

March 1947:

Lest We Forget: Jim Larkin, Irish Labor Leader

April 1947:

The Fate of Writing in America


A Portrait of James Connolly (series of 5 articles)

January 1948:

Farrell Protests Greek Press Gag (letter)

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