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October 16, 1953: History Will Absolve Me
January 3, 1959: The Revolution Begins Now
January 21, 1959: When the People Rule
May 17, 1959: On the promulgation of the Agrarian Law
July 9, 1960: Facing U.S. Aggressions
September 26, 1960: To the U.N. General Assembly: Cuba's Revolutionary Policy
September 29, 1960: Abstract of: Establishing Revolutionary Vigilance in Cuba
February 2, 1961: L'Unita Interview with Fidel Castro: The Nature of Cuban Socialism
April 23, 1961: Denouncing U.S. Bay of Pigs Invasion
May 1, 1961: May Day Celebration: Cuba is a Socialist Nation

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November 11, 1962: On the U.N. Demands of Cuba
January 2, 1963: Fourth Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution
January 16, 1963: At the Closing of the Congress of Women of the Americans
January 15, 1966: At the Closing Session of the Tricontinental Conference
August 10, 1967: Speech to the OLAS Conference
August 24, 1968: Comments on Czechoslovakia
May 1, 1980: Our Criminals are Leaving to their Allies in the US
June 3, 1992: Blaming Stalin for everything would be historical simplism
July 26, 2002: 49th Anniversary of the Attack on the Moncada Barracks
May 1, 2003: Cuba's achievments and America's Wars

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